Woman taking a photo on her phone of fresh food for her Smart Pickle Promotion

The Power of a Good Picture

In marketing, a picture really is worth a thousand words. Beautiful imagery allows you to capture customer’s interest, communicate product value, and attract new buyers. Photos introduce your brand in a way that is subtle and compelling. In this article, we’re discuss how to harness the power of visual content to grow your business.

Think about customer reach

Customers make decisions based on what they see. In fact, 91% of buyers prefer interactive and visual content over traditional media such as text-based communication (Source).

Think of visual content as an asset to your marketing. Use images that help customers understand what you offer and decide what they want.

You don’t need fancy equipment

In today’s world of smartphones, low-cost cameras, and free editing software, you can easily access everything you need without breaking the bank. Pass on expensive photoshoots and state-of-the-art equipment. Start creating beautiful content with what you have today.

Photos introduce your brand in a way that is subtle and compelling.

Shoot in natural light

One of the most important considerations in photography is lighting. Use natural lighting whenever possible. Place your subject by a window or opt to take photos outside. Avoid direct sunlight. Harsh lighting only leads to over-exposed photos. Aim for morning and evening light.

Set the scene

  • Play with color and texture. Use stark outlines, creative backgrounds, and pops of color to set your tone and theme.
  • Focus on what matters and get rid of clutter. Clear composition adds credibility to your subject.
  • Consider the “Rule of Thirds.” Avoid always placing the subject in the direct center of the photo. Use your camera’s built-in 3×3 grid to place the subject where it draws the viewers eye to one side of the composition.
  • Play with depth of field. Try focusing on distinct points within your photo to force other elements out of focus. Use blurring effects to make your subject pop.
  • Try shooting from different angles. Experiment with shooting from above, below, or at a level with your subject. Try over-and under-shooting. Find an angle that works best with your subject and lighting constraints.

Use photographer hacks

When photographing food, avoid fully cooking the dish. Food tends to looks its best when it is  70% -80% complete. Make your food look fresh by spritzing food items with oil or water. Keep ingredients fresh and use new or like new plates and glasses.