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Why Should I Use Smart Pickle to Send Social Media Posts?

Social media is one of the most important communication channels for your company–and it makes an even bigger impact when combined with compelling content and exciting promotions from your business.

With Smart Pickle's social media capabilities, you can post directly to Facebook and Twitter, right inside the app. Posting on social media helps you create higher-value relationships, generate new revenue, and stay relevant to your customers. Smart Pickle allows you to create amazing social posts without needing to leave the platform, or even interrupt your normal promotion building behavior.

Posting on social media helps you create higher-value relationships.

Social media is the avenue in which to improve customer retention by providing a direct window into your business. This allows your customers to feel comfortable knowing the “real people” behind your business and gives them a direct link to connect with you.  You also have the ability to attract a larger audience while strengthening your connection to your loyal customers. In the end, it’s all about inbound traffic, and social media is the perfect channel for getting people in your door.

We have a series of blog and help articles that will walk you through how to connect, post, and manage social media tools in Smart Pickle:

  1. Connect your social media channels in Smart Pickle
  2. Using Social Media to Your Advantage
  3. Why Use Social Media?
  4. How to Reach Your Target Customer
  5. Why Should my Business Have a Facebook Page?

What content should I post to social media?

Below is a breakdown of a typical content distribution plan:

  • 40% engaging content
  • Community/Local engagement, recipes, fun things from the restaurant
  • 30% promotional content
  • Special offers, discounts, restaurant news.
  • 20% educational content
  • Tips, lists, infographics, statistics, and charts.
  • 10% curated content
  • Original ideas, thoughts, brand-specific content

If you’re wondering what type of content you should post, we recommend taking a step back and looking at your brand, and the voice you have (or want) in your community.  Tune into what’s happening and what’s relevant for your neighborhood/city/state, and get in the conversation!