Automated Restaurant Marketing that Keeps Getting Smarter

Real marketing automation that takes the guesswork out of promoting your business and targeting the right people.

We’re a True No-Touch Solution to Help You Reach New Customers and Keep Your Current Ones Coming Back

Our intelligent AI acts as your personal marketing communications assistant and helps you engage your customers with greater success and less effort.

Quick Set Up

A one-time initial on-boarding process helps us determine what’s working for your business and what’s not.

Easy to Use

You tell us when business is slow and the kinds of promotions you’d like to offer. The Smart Pickle app handles the scheduling details.

Low Cost

Sophisticated marketing at a flat monthly fee. No hidden costs, just a low subscription price that doesn’t cut into your revenue.

Intelligent AI

We’ll create a calendar of promotions that gets better and better at targeting your ideal customer the longer you use it.

The Power of an Entire Marketing Department in One Powerful App

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What Kinds of Restaurants Can Use Smart Pickle?

We’re ideal for restaurants with one to five doors who are not sure how to reach their customers and want to increase revenue.

We allow restaurant owners to utilize their existing customer base and find new customers that fit the same profile on Facebook, Instagram, and Google.

Grow Your Business Smartly

Perfect for restaurants wanting to automate their marketing, grow their business, reach more customers and build loyal followings.

Build Loyal Followings

Big restaurant chains have armies of people to do their marketing. You have you.

With Smart Pickle's automated marketing you can now engage with your customers to create loyal followings without hiring staff or taking more of your precious time.

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Loyalty Campaigns

Send targeted campaigns to your customers that increase loyalty by building relationships and special offers.

Customer Trends

Gauge your customer trends and segment into groups to create high impact and personal campaigns.

Asset Creation

Smart Pickle creates branded assets for your business so you can share on social platforms or print them out.

Go Where They Are

Reach your customers wherever they hang out online to create natural touch points that build loyalty

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Grow Your Business

Smart Pickles core function is to increase your transactions during historic low times.

Grow your business by increasing revenue for your business.

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Off-Set Fixed Costs

By filling seats during your slow times, Smart Pickle avoids marketing cannibalization and helps offset your fixed costs.


View key metrics to understand where your business can improve and how existing efforts are performing.

Fill Seats During Slow Times

We measure your historic slow times and create offers to bring in additional revenue.

Increase Revenue

By utilizing our offer builder and integrations with your POS, you can increase your revenue during slow times.

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Made for You

With Smart Pickle, you don't have to buy expensive tools or hire more staff.

Knowing what you know today, you can use Smart Pickle to send effective and visually compelling promotions and marketing material.

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Automated Marketing

We take the time consuming work out of marketing by leveraging automation tech so you can spend more time growing your business(or relaxing!).

On-Schedule Campaigns

Easily create marketing schedules that will be sent out automatically so you don't have to lift a finger to reach your customers.


Get valuable insights into how your campaigns and promos are performing.

Leverage AI

Our system smartly creates offers and campaigns based on your business and times that your slow to maximize effectiveness.

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Reach More Customers

Coming soon, you can utilize our integrations with platforms like Facebook and Twitter you can now to expand your reach to new customers.

All right from your Smart Pickle Dashboard.

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Expand your reach.

Utilize platforms like Facebook and Twitter to expand your reach by running paid ads through Smart Pickle.

Schedule your ads

Turn on and off your ad campaigns within the Smart Pickle dashboard or tie them to specific offers to maximize impact.

AI Drive Strategy

Utilize our AI to create effective paid ad campaigns based on your past history and your current customer base.


Get valuable insights into how your paid ad campaigns are performing.

coming soon!